The mundanity

You know what kills me ?

The daily grind; the routine; the stasis.

Everyday living like we have a purpose, pretending to move forward in life. But are we really?
What is success? What is the right direction? The right path?

How do we know that by following a schedule day after day, with no detours, no distractions, we are finally gonna make it.

Maybe we are all doing it wrong.

Maybe I’m supposed to explore a new part of myself everyday.
Maybe I’m supposed to find a new corner of the world every other day.
Maybe in those corners I’m supposed to meet varied people every other week, have authentic conversations with them and move on to the next new friend every other month.
Maybe, all I want is to have priceless memories every new year, all unique in their structure.

But what I want may not be what I get; and if what I get is the mundanity of life, I may die before I drop dead.


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