For old times’ sake

Four words that shake up all types of emotions from within us.

It’s that last push a friend needs to agree to that stupid plan no one ever thought would happen. It’s a little promise to a sibling that all might not be forgiven but it can be forgotten for one night.

How can four words hold so much power over us?
Is it because we too very often wish for simpler lives ?
Or, is it because responsibilities wear us down to such an extent every day that we just desire to revert back to a more frivolous version of ourselves?

Maybe, we all yearn to witness that sparkle that revisiting a certain part of our life brings back in our eyes. The reason to be alive.

Most live for the future but some live for the past.


2 thoughts on “For old times’ sake

  1. How can people live for the future unless they remember the past when they dreamed about it? People say we revert to being kids as we reach old age and I think that’s a fundamental instinct that drives us. We create future shaped on our past cause we yearn for it. Something as basic as survival… We create generations to pass on the past, the past we can’t let go of or carry with us when we depart. Maybe we do so out of love for the past. So that even if we aren’t there forever, the past and the memories live on and maybe at times evolve into something better?

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