She loved mysteries so much, she became one.

Anyone who’s read John Green books knows how mysterious he likes his female characters. They are charming, sometimes flawed but always mysterious.

Makes me wonder, what is this human fixation with mystery ?

I’m someone who’d prefer mystery over almost any other personality trait. My Instagram handle: BlackLace is a proof of that.

Isn’t it quite intriguing to wonder what is it about the unknown that calls to us so much ?

Is it the risk of not knowing what we’re getting ourselves into ?

Is it the forbidden-ness of it all that tugs at our heartstrings ?

Or maybe it’s the promise of a new, never been felt before, tachycardiac adventure ?

A bit cliche but most of the times the journey is better than the destination.

It’s the road map we follow, the riddles we decode and the adrenaline that comes with it that makes up most of the aura than the answer to the mystery itself.

It’s almost as if we don’t want the answer, only the mystery to last an eternity.

The bite of the forbidden fruit is almost never as satisfying.

We try to delay it, lengthen it, stretch it but all things must come to an end. Why ? Who made the rules? I want to talk to the supervisor, please!

Once the search ends, it is so difficult to find another well-suited mystery for ourselves. Is this how we’re supposed to live our lives ? Mystery to mystery and life that happens in between?

If somehow we could live in that loop of mystery, for an eternity, having something to expedite our hearts, that would do it.

That would, maybe, appease our hungry souls and allow us to look forward to something!



7 thoughts on “She loved mysteries so much, she became one.

  1. The way you capture and take the train of thought to the point is as amazing as the point about which you write itself. I feel like the reason why a mystery is so enticing and heart tugging is cause it arouses the human curiosity. The very fact that there’s something more that we don’t know is humbling and at the same time it drives you. But then again once you unwrap the mystery you need the next one to keep your heart racing. Like you said it’s the journey not the destination. You’re style of writing is your own. You could say it’s as mysterious as you. Don’t let the ink dry out. Looking forward to more of your pieces. Yours truly

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No I don’t… But hopefully someday🤞🏼…I’d love to have your input when the day comes


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