Productivity: a synonym of trap

Productivity, supposed to be an umbrella term for growth is turning out to be a scarier concept by the day. Even more so for people (myself included) who are susceptible to anxiety. People like us, we don’t wake up in the morning to something spontaneously planned. No, we sleep the night before with a rough draft of a to-do list, the contents of which never get fully stricken off, at least not on the same day. We need a plan for the day to come, knowing well enough that the plan itself will induce a handful of anxiety.

“Am I going to be productive enough?”, “The other people are getting more use out of their day” or “Why do I have to be so slow at everything?” are some of the thoughts that cross our minds as the day goes by.
The reality couldn’t be more different. We, prone to eternal dissatisfaction, might be achieving a higher proportion of goals but it will not feel like that while we scroll down Instagram looking at the activities of others.

A reason for this could be our unattainable daily targets. If we set ourselves out to do the undoable, we are essentially setting ourselves up to failure. This arises a sense of motivation for the next day, keeping us on our toes. But if done, for an extended period of time, proves to be deleterious. How so?
Think about it this way, we all feel unworthy, like we aren’t enough on certain days. Now, if we think negative thoughts daily, won’t they add up? This is essentially how we are stabbing our own self-worth right in the bosom on a per day basis.

The lockdown has proven itself to be quite the ‘monster under the bed’ for mental health warriors. It is hard enough for some to get through the day, forget the extra weight of being productive every other hour of the quarantine.

We live in a “if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen” kind of a world. To get through it, we need to remember, no one is doing as well as they appear to and no one is as happy as they appear to on it. In fact, many a times, the unhappier someone is, the sunnier their profile appears.

Therefore, if you think you need a social media detox, take it!
If you do not wish to be productive today, lie down in bed all day, showering is optional and do nothing!
If you want a gigantic tender coconut sundae then zomato it!
Never stop loving yourselves not inspite of but because of all your flaws.

It is OKAY.

Forgive yourself and move on.

As long as the sun continues to rise daily, there will be a second, a third or an nth chance.



3 thoughts on “Productivity: a synonym of trap

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