Had I met you in the 70s

Had I been alive in the 70s,
I’d get out of my bed on a sunday morning,
put on my maxi dress with a dramatic floral print and leave the house feeling hopeful.

I’d go and meet my saheliyan in our favorite breakfast diner, where you would sit, two tables away.
My friends and I would laugh on the most trivial of things, and I’d tear away from them a bit, every ten minutes, to steal a glance of you.
You, in all your glory, would hide away a grin in the plaid of your shirt.

Had I been alive in the 70s,
I’d wait every week for the two hours of sunday bliss I feel when I get to lay my eyes on you. Always waiting to see if that’s the day your heart is going to have the better of you.

Then, one such sunday, you quickly creep to my table, as I leave, pass a folded piece of paper, earmarked for me, hold my gaze for a whole four seconds and walk away.
Held within the note were the lyrics of your favorite Aerosmith song, ending with ‘you are all I need’.
Had I met you in the 70s, I’m sure our love story would go something like that…


[Originally written during NaPoWriMo 2020 following the prompt “Had I met you in the 70s” provided by Terribly Tiny Tales.]

2 thoughts on “Had I met you in the 70s

  1. Painting a picture with words, and making people travel through time via their imagination is a skill few possess and fewer utilise … Thank you for making people live moments of beauty in their imagination… Keep inspiring people like you’ve inspired me
    Love and regards

    Liked by 2 people

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