The world we SEE

“Teri aankhon mein bhi mujhsa toofan kaise hai?”

This song by Osho Jain has become my recent favourite. I somehow, feel tied to this song, its lyrics and I wonder why? And more importantly, how?

Isn’t it strangely beautiful that in the blink of a moment, we find a connection we didn’t know we were looking for?
Two people who have never met, never locked eyes, never shared a laugh, find themselves being drawn to the same feeling? It’s in these moments that the power of art is truly felt.

As humans we feel an intense connection to some things, while we remain ignorant of the existence of others. The essence of our beings lies in the little things that only WE notice. How sunlight touches a flower, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore at midnight, the odour sugar emanates as it caramelizes. That is our angle; our PERSPECTIVE.

Isn’t it interesting that a complete stranger could see the world in the way we do? We could be reading a book written over a decade ago and suddenly find certain words strung together as if they’re calling out to us; As if they’re all we’ve been trying to communicate but always ended up at a loss for words.
This arouses a sense of deep connection with this stranger that can cross borders, languages and even the construct of time.

That stranger suddenly seems so much more intriguing; so much more than a physical silhouette. We find ourselves wanting to know more. “Are they the same as us?” We tell ourselves, “It must be true to some extent. If they see one thing the way we do then maybe there are more parallels.” In this cruel world, whatever said and done, nobody wants to lose a chance at a real connection.

The things we do for love are known to all but the things we do to find love, to find acceptance, and familiarity are well kept secrets.

What inspired me to write this piece was coming across a food blogger on Instagram. I’d never met another human who saw through a camera lens the way I did.
Naturally, this sparked intrigue within me.
Who is this person? What does he look like? Will we have other things in common?
Before you ask, no, I didn’t try and find out.
Anticlimactic? Yes, quite.

However, it did make me wonder how vulnerable we are as human beings to fall for such tiny specks of hope.

Do we really crave relatability to this extent?


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